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Every gift to OUCARES makes a huge impact on the quality of life of the participants with autism in our programs. People without special needs do not always realize the daily struggles and successes that OUCARES encounters with individuals with autism each day. With the generous financial support of donors like you, OUCARES is able to offer scholarships so that children can attend summer camps, train parents to best support their children's special needs, and give adults with autism the opportunity to learn skills critical to their independence. THANK YOU for giving to OUCARES and allowing us to play a part in overcoming the struggles and celebrating the successes of so many people in the autism community.

Kristin Rohrbeck, Director of OUCARES

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The OUCARES Fundraising Power Breakfast is an hour-long breakfast to educate the community, expand OUCARES’ network, and raise sustainable funds for OUCARES.

Donations may be applied to...

$60 can provide one person with ASD the opportunity to participate in a soccer or basketball program

$130 can provide one person with ASD the opportunity to participate in a social skills program

$250 can provide a scholarship for one person with ASD to attend summer camp

$500 can provide training for up to 30 parents on how to give the best care to children with ASD

$1,000 can provide a scholarship for one person with ASD to attend intensive employment skills training

Why are donations necessary?

At least one in every 68 children in the United States is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Every year more families are impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders and will seek out support services such as those provided at the Oakland University Center for Autism Outreach Services (OUCARES). Your donation today will help us continue to provide these services to the growing community.

By giving to OUCARES, you can impact the quality of life for individuals and families today and in the future. With your gift, fun and engaging recreational and social programs such as summer day camp, soccer, and robotics clubs can encourage children through adults with autism to communicate with others and make friends, skills that are especially difficult for individuals with ASD. Supporting OUCARES also means providing training and networking events for parents, professionals, and the autism community. A gift to OUCARES directly helps improve the lives of individuals with ASD, and we appreciate all of your help.